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Find here some of the best South Beach Hotels based on your needs and desires, but you must first think of what those are, so despite the fact that you are coming here for business or pleasure you should ask yourself: Do I want to be in a luxury oceanfront hotel? A party hotel? An oceanfront party hotel? A hotel centrally located to all there is to see and do in South Beach? An oceanfront hotel centrally located? How about a luxury oceanfront party hotel centrally located?... or simply a nice hotel out of the craziness, family oriented? Oceanfront, maybe? Not to far from it all? Or simply the cheapest place around? Do I want to, or am I willing to share a room with a few others at a hostel on Ocean Drive or near the fun areas?...

Ok, here is a quick rundown of the best areas where you might want to find a hotel at, in South Miami Beach, considering the 3 scenarios below and assuming their hotel rates meet your budget:

1) Beachfront with direct access to the beach and low noise outside (not quiet), but still fairly close to the busiest areas. Find these at south of 5th street on Ocean Drive.

2) Beach & ocean view (not oceanfront) at busiest area in South Beach, surrounded by lots of action, partying and entertainment, but with mid-high noise. Find these at mid Ocean Drive (between 5th and 12th street).

3) Central location to the best areas, beachfront and direct access to the beach, but with mid-level noise outside. Find these on Collins Avenue between 15th and 18th Street. Read more about all three scenarios below...

OCEAN DRIVE HOTELS: A 15 blocks long road that goes along the beach and where you find the most active area of South Miami Beach (Blocks 5 to about 12) and where you can find a hotel for scenario #2 above. All of these hotels are facing Lummus Beach Park (what makes the beach and the strip seem like one place and not two) and overlook the beach and the Atlantic ocean from a second floor or higher.

Between blocks 1 and 5 of Ocean Drive is where you can find a hotel for scenario #1, There you have hotels like the "Hilton Bentley", "Marriott" and the "The Savoy", all three are in the middle of cool and fun restaurants like Devito, Taverna Opa, Prime 112 Nikki Beach (also a nightclub and lounge).

COLLINS AVENUE HOTELS: The 2nd avenue closest to the ocean, but only for the first 14blocks, from 15 street and up all hotels on the east-side of Collins Avenue are oceanfront, and to find a hotel as per scenario #3 centrally located at the middle of it all, with an oceanfront, right on the sand and with direct access to the beach, then you would want to stay between 15th and 18th Street on Collins Avenue (on the east-side). The main hotels there are "Ritz Carlton", "Royal Palm", "Delano" and "Lowes".

WASHINGTON AVENUE HOTELS: A 22 blocks long avenue and is the third from the ocean, loaded with almost as much action as ocean drive.

LINCOLN ROAD: No cars here just walking, with lots of shopping and outdoors seating restaurants. It is the second most alive street during the day in Miami Beach.

Some of the best places to stay at and have fun without having to leave the hotel includes the fountainbleau - a luxury hotel which has a few night clubs, beautiful people and a lot more.

The Clevelander
Why? well to begin with only 21 and over can stay at this hotel, that along says a lot. The entertainment section of this party hotel is located right at the corner of Ocean Drive and 10 street (Constant tourists and beach goers traffic, anyone can stop by). There they have a pool, an entertainment stage & host, a DJ booth & blasting music, 3 full bars with food service & TV screens; all these right in the open and starts around 11am!

They also have a dedicated indoor sport bar with huge screens right next to the DJ booth. They do a good job at keeping you entertained, and spending too.

Delano hotel
Looks very simple on the outside, but right after you get in everything changes; very elegant all the way to the back where you find an open area with a huge pool, bar, Dj, beds, cabanas and of course party people. They also have a Florida room, which is a piano lounge; rose bar, located by the lobby.

Fontainbleau hotel
A well known luxury hotel with beautiful people and a few popular in-house nightclubs, bars and restaurants, "LIV nightclub" is a good example. This hotel is not in South Beach but, it is just 22blocks north of it, worth taking a cab and checking it out and maybe party a little over there also.

The W Hotel
The W South Beach hotel in Miami is just amazing, you won't believe how beautifully done this hotel is. Just like many others who have stayed there, you probably will fall in love with it too.

Royal Palm
The Royal Palm South Beach Resort & Hotel in Miami Beach Florida is very elegant and stylish, with an ocean front location just a few blocks from all the action and with direct access to the beach.

Ritz Carlton
The Ritz Carlton South Beach Miami is an ocean front luxury hotel located right on the sand just 2 blocks north of Ocean Drive (the hottest spot in south beach) and 2 blocks away from Lincoln Rd mall (the second most active spot, a walking strip with lots of fine shopping and dining).

Plaza Hotel
The South Beach Plaza Hotel in Miami has a great location: 14th St & Collins Avenue, in between washing Av and ocean drive and just a block from the beach.

The Palms
The Palms in Miami Beach is a beach front hotel located just 15blocks north of the crowded area of south beach which is more suitable for bringing the whole family, But still Very close to all that South Miami Beach has to offer.

Miami Beach Hotel Deals
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Vacation Rentals
How about south beach vacation rentals, where you will feel right at home when far from home!?

Indian Creek Hotel

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